The TRUTH in Black & White (from parents, youth & educators of Chicago)

Excerpts from The Truth in Black and White press release

“When we say this isn’t about the money we don’t mean that our proposals won’t cost anything,” said [Karen] Lewis [CTU President]. “We mean that we are not publicly engaged solely for our own self interests. If we do not use this moment to fight for our students we may lose it. No contract can possibly solve all of the structural inequality in our District. However, there are some things we hope to put in place that will alleviate some of the problems, as well as ensure there are qualified educators in every classroom. Our members, however, have the last say.”

CHICAGO – In the ongoing battle in the court of public opinion about the
current teachers strike, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) today released a
video to highlight the benign neglect rampant throughout the school
district. The film, The Black & White Truth, features rank-and-file educators,
parents, high school students and CTU leaders in candid discussions about
the need for neighborhood school resources and the role teachers,
paraprofessionals and clinicians play in the learning process.

On Saturday, thousands are expected to join CTU’s 29,000 members in a
spirited solidarity rally near Union Park near Lake and Ashland. Busloads
of supporters are travelling to Chicago from around the Midwest. Decked
in their “CTU red” teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians canvassed
several blocks, bus stops, beauty and barbershops near their assigned
schools and distributed leaflets and other materials to parents and
community residents.

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