Day Two

I’m really struck how much this is like a social movement. i think we’re seeing social movement unionism being born here. The teachers are galvanized, educated. The issues they’re fighting for are the ones they live and they are not just blindly picketing but talking to people on the trains, in the streets, handing out flyers, disciplined but also taking creative actions. – a quote from a TAG participant on the ground after day one

On this second day of this historic strike Chicago teachers, youth, and families continued to picket in front of local schools.

Here are some images from the day two:

There was also a a march through the downtown area. Though the march of 3500 was not nearly the size of the day one march (estimated at nearly 50,000), but still just as fighting!

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Support in Chicago and Around the World

According to Laura Clawson at the Daily Kos, 47% of Chicago voters support striking teachers

In addition to pledge supporters here through TAG, CTU has also received support across the globe.



Negotiations continued, but it was clear there is much more to go (see Substance News article)

“The Chicago Teachers Union has 49 Articles in its contract. To date, we have only signed off on six of them,” said CTU spokeswoman Stephanie Gadlin. “The Chicago Public Schools has made proposals to change nearly every article. It is not accurate to say both sides are extremely close-this is misinformation on behalf of the Board and Mayor Emanuel. We have a considerable way to go. This is a fact they cannot deny.


Bilingual Hip Hop duo Rebel Diaz released Chicago Teacher


Homie I was taught by a Chicago Teacher
Chicago Teacher/Chicago Teacher
I learned to read and write from a Chicago Teacher
So I’m inspired by the fight for my Chicago Teachers

Download, listen and share it!


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