CTU Members will begin Informational Picketing at Schools

Sunday Aug 19: CTU announces members will begin informational picketing at all track E schools — schools that began Aug. 13:


Chicago Teachers Union – Urgent Contract Mobilization

Every CTU member is assigned to an informational picket.

The Board of Education needs to see our strength once again! Contract
negotiations continue with great difficulty and the two sides are still
far apart on key issues. We need every CTU member to build our strength in
the schools. That’s why we are holding informational pickets at Track E
buildings next week. Every Track E school needs support from CTU members
not yet back at work.

Members will picket in front of Track E schools either before or after
school, passing out flyers and talking to parents. These pickets are
informational only. CTU is NOT on strike (yet). We hope to reach an
agreement that could deter a strike, but this informational picketing is
important preparation for whatever may occur.

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