Idiotas: No History Is Illegal

By Abby Zimet on

Arizona’s racist move to ban ethnic studies programs – aka – real history including that of brown-skinned people – and a long list of “objectionable” books pertaining to same – aka any books they don’t like, ranging from the seminal Rethinking Columbus to award-winning novels – may have backfired. Along with a legal fight to reinstate them, there are a host of other actions: Activist teachers have launched a month-long initiative – “They say shut it down. We say spread it around.” – students are holding teach-ins and workshops, lists of the books are circulating, the American Library Association has blasted the move – “WHEREAS, ‘The freedom to read is essential to our democracy… No society of free people can flourish that draws up lists of writers to whom it will not listen, whatever they may have to say.’ – and commentators are declaring themselves understandably weary of “enduring fools.”

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